DeWitt Girls' 2017 Swimming and Diving Invitational


Date:                      September 8 & 9, 2017


Time:                     Diving warm-up                                        Friday September 8, 4:30 PM

                                Diving 6 rounds                                        Friday September 8, 6:00 PM

                                Swimming Warm‑up                                                                    8:30 AM     

                                Swimming Competition                                                             10:00 AM


Entries:                  Electronic - Due September 6, 2017 8:00 PM email to:

                                Entry Fee $95.00

                                Mail to:                       Teri Reyburn

                                                                      DeWitt Swimming Invitational

                                                                      DeWitt High School

                                                                      P.0. Box 800

                                                                      DeWitt, MI 48820



Electronic entries only; send an email to: An events file is available at 

Please include the following in the body of the email:

  • Head coach’s name.
  • Phone numbers where you can be reached.
    • On September 6th for questions regarding entries.
    • On the morning of the meet if the meet is canceled (due to weather, Etc.).
  • School name.
  • Team nickname or mascot name.
  • Captains, assistant & diving coaches’ names.



National Federation rules will be followed except as noted here. All events will be seeded slow to fast:

Entry Limits:                        4 entries in all individual events except the 500 and the 50.  (4 heats)

                                                6 entries in the 50 (6 heats)

                                                2 entries in the 500. (2 heats)

                                                3 relay team entries in each relay event (3 heats)


Diving entries are due in edive format (see example below) on September 6, 2017 8:00 PM (email to: 

To enter divers send the diver’s name, school, grade, and a list of dive numbers & position following the Dive of the Week as listed by MHSAA. 

Please enter your divers EXACTLY as in this example – including quotes. Otherwise they cannot be imported: 

          "Suzzy Diver","DeWitt",102CV,201A,301C,401C,5111A,103B

          "Mary Jumper","DeWitt",103CV,301A,401C,201C,5211A,104B


                 Name            School           Dive List

When you arrive printed dive sheets will be ready for you.  Changes to the dive list may be made until 5:15 PM.


Only 2 competitors from each team may score in each event.

The fastest/highest scoring competitor (who is not disqualified) from each team will place 1st – 8th.

The second fastest/highest scoring competitor (who is not disqualified) from each team will place 9th – 16th.


Scratches & Relays

Coaches may make changes in the 500 event only. Relay names must be turned in no later than 9:15. Changes may be made up until the event before the relay starts.



Medals will be awarded for the top 4 finishers in individual events and top 3 finishers in relays.  Trophies will be awarded to the first and second place teams. 


If you have any questions contact:          Gregg Brace:  Work    (517) 367-3083      Home (517) 347-1935

                                                                                                    Athletic Director        Teri Reyburn:        Work  (517) 668-3152