DHS Girls Swim and Dive 2017




Let's get ready to rock this Swim Season with

 Personalized Swim Caps!!!!


Cost: $11.00 for 2 swim caps


Due Date: July 15th, 2017

Make Checks out to: DeWitt Public Schools

Questions: e-mail:  Emily Fenneuff @ efenneuff@yahoo.com


Guidelines for the personalized swim caps:


1.   Must use your real name.  NO NICK  NAMES.

Ex. Name: Jane Smith;   Name on Cap: Smith


2.   Must wear YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED swim cap during competition. If you wear another swimmer's cap you will be disqualified.


To order your personalized swim caps for the

 DHS Girls Swim and Dive 2017 swim season, please fill out the form below and turn in the information to

 Emily Fenneuff @ efenneuff@yahoo.com.


 Payment: Please place your payment in a labeled envelope with your name on the outside to Sydney Shipps or Alayna Rios.






DHS Girls Swim and Dive 2017 Personalized Cap order

DUE DATE: JULY 15, 2017

First Name



Last Name



Name on Cap



Phone Number



Circle your form of payment submitted.